Home Jiggedy Jig

Home Bless This House Loquat Marmalade Jam Teatowel

Whenever we pull into the driveway we say “Home again, home again, jiggedy jig!”. It’s a tradition that my mother started with my siblings and me and it makes my kids laugh. We’ve shifted to a new house with a new driveway and the little guys cheer when we arrive, which is a very good sign indeed that they are happy about the move.

Home Loquat Marmalade Jam Homemade

We’ll miss the gorgeous backyard bounty from the old place, so the day we left I filled a plastic bag with ripe loquats from the big tree. My first project in the new kitchen was a small batch of loquat marmalade.

Home Garden Windy Roses Silver Birch Trees

We have another incredible garden; this one is more ornamental (although I have spotted some little green plums and another loquat tree). There are lots of little nooks, hiding places and interesting details for small people. Just remember to blow, not suck, the dandelion “clocks”!

Home Garden Dandelion Clocks

With a great garden comes great responsibility so I have learned to use a lawnmower. Clarence models in the before-and-after shot, below.

Home Garden Lawn Mower Cut Grass Cat

We have a lot of sorting and settling to complete, but we’re already feeling quite at home here. Jiggedy Jig!

Home Bless This House Loquat Marmalade


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