Great Walls

During a quick visit to Melbourne recently, I noticed some great walls. Worn, postered, stencilled, stickered, painted, decorated.

Melbourne Great Walls Portraits Street Art Northcote

Above and below: street art around Northcote; all sorts.

Melbourne Great Walls Street Art Stencil Painting High St Northcote

Below: remnants of the recent Día de Muertos festival — complete with gorgeous Frida doll — at Gleaners Inc in Brunswick, a charming shop run by a charming woman named Liz. It’s full of retro and arty clutter, my favourite!

Melbourne Great Walls Gleaners Inc Brunswick Shop

Below: layers and layers of posters outside the wonderful Obus, looking as though it is part of the shop design.

Melbourne Great Walls Obus Shop Head Office High Street Northcote

Melbourne Great Walls Street Art High Street Northcote

More fabulous sticky art around Northcote, above and below. It encourages you to keep your eyes open as you wander the streets.

Melbourne Great Walls Sticker Street Art Northcote

Below: a stripey display of MT tape and a pretty collection on a shelf at Save Yourself in Sparta Place, Brunswick. This place offered sweet service as well as cool products. (EG non-toxic nail polish brand, Kester Black; check out their inspiration page)

Melbourne Great Walls Save Yourself Sparta Place Brunswick Shop

And a shabby, peeling, beautiful wall in Joe’s Shoe Store (which is now a bar, but methinks the wall decor is courtesy of the original shoe-making Joe).

Melbourne Great Walls Joes Shoe Store Bar Peeling Paper High Street Northcote

Walls might not seem like a notable thing but let’s face it: if we have to look at them every day, they might as well be arresting, thought provoking and attractive.

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