Festive Wrap

Merry Christmas Crochet Tibetan Lights Vintage Postcards

A compilation of snaps from our small Christmas: we were festive, we feasted and since then we’ve rested.

Merry Christmas Crochet Doyley Antique Postcards Children

Our Christmas decorations with an antique twist. Green beans and buckets of water on the doorstep for reindeer sustenance.

Merry Christmas Leave Beans Snack Water Drink Santa Claus Reindeer

Ducks and seagulls arriving to join our picnic Christmas lunch at the first sight of the tablecloth.


Playing ball by the Coal River, Richmond.


Old Christmas toffee tin, handy for a picnic.


Merry Christmas Richmond Bridge River Hobart Tasmania

Enjoying a walk at Richmond Bridge.


Salads are fine but star biscuits are stellar!


We offered the ducks some Christmas sweet corn but they seemed a bit fussy.

Merry Christmas Feed Ducks Richmond Bridge Tasmania

Pretty wrap and dotty pillow cases for lucky kids with new, big pillows.


The advent calendar, reminding us of the busy time that we have just successfully, happily, negotiated.

Merry Christmas Crochet Doyley Vintage Postcards Advent Calendar Chanukkah


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