A Euro Vision: Spiegeltent

There’s a spiegeltent in town; its name is Jean-Louis and it is managed by the Ten Days festival team. We ventured into the mirrored tent to marvel at the acrobatic strength and comedy of “Cantina“. The vibe was faded glamour and, like the venue itself, hinted at early twentieth century Europe.


We know that this period of history was not all baubles and sparkles (see: Cabaret for the most striking reminder of the contrast between on-stage and off). But even the packaging design and gilded fontwork of the era seems glitzy.


European showgirls are unafraid of mixed textures. Feathers, sequins, stripey silks? All at once, please.


I have a few pieces of faded glamour. The bejewelled collar is from the 1930s, I believe, and is falling apart so I think I will frame it. I was told that the glass beaded belt/necklace belonged to a dancer in the 1950s but I wish I knew more of its history.


Stars, satin slippers and elaborate decor, fit for a Parisienne or Viennese glamour-girl. (I especially love the gold eyeshadow).


It’s possible to channel this spangly style in a modern way, but I think the key is restraint in day to day dressing.

Unless you’re attending an event in a spiegeltent, in which case head-to-toe sparkles are entirely appropriate.


And a touch of faded glamour around the house, such as my brass light switch, is always welcome too.


Photo credits: Jessica Stam large fashion photograph by Patrick Demarchelier. I believe the foyer photograph is by Ben Dearnley.

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