A Simple Tent Amongst the Trees

Tent Cubby Fort Homemade Backyard Simple Kids Easy

We all need a place to which we can escape sometimes. A hidey-hole for secret games, a quiet moment or time alone. So we made a garden tent.

Tent Cubby Fort Children Backyard Tipi Teepee Easy Make

It was of simple construction; a few poles (which we found around the garden) and some strategically chosen forks in the trees.

Cubby Fort Tent Home Made Backyard Child Retreat Play

Ropes weren’t necessary, it was always intended to be a temporary structure.

Cubby Fort Tent Teepee Tipi Construction House Play Backyard Simple

Some strong knots in colourful tablecloths and a sarong.

Cubby Fort Tent Backyard Play House Easy Simple Fabric Make

A draped roof.

Cubby Tent Fort Backyard Child Kid Play House Easy Fabric Make

Cubby Fort Tent Make Twins Play House Garden Trees

Mat for the floor.

Cubby Tent Fort Play House FAbric Rug Garden Children

Plenty of shade, tucked out of the way behind a bush. An ideal retreat from the busy business of being a kid.

Cubby Tent Fort Teepee Bilibo Children Play House Backyard Garden Easy Make


2 thoughts on “A Simple Tent Amongst the Trees

  1. We made tents everywhere, when we were kids. Living in Chicago we used to take blankets and attach them to the fences and it was perfect! One of my favorite places to be. We all loved tents. Lovely post.

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