Autumn Fort

Home Made Stick Twig Teepee House Fort Tutorial Children

A large climbing rose bush had been blown over and I needed to reduce its volume in order to fix it. So I wove its spindly, reaching branches into a fort.

Autumn Fort Twig Branch Stick Teepee Cubby

I was inspired by the woven willow designs of Judith Needham (they are simply magical) but I restricted myself to using only materials that could be found around our house. Thus, I used old tree stakes for the frame, held together by bits of fraying rope and thin jute twine.

Like all of our attempts at making what we call “cubby houses“, this was intended to be a temorary shelter.

Autumn Fort Christmas Tree Branch Teepee Cubby Garden Debris Upcycle

The children were thrilled to notice that the remains of our Christmas tree were evident in the structure. See the dried needles poking out of the top…

Autumn Fall Fort Tutorial Teepe Branches How To

Once the frame was secure, it was simply a matter of weaving those rose branches (which, incidentally, were prickle-free) in all directions. It didn’t take long before I was foraging around the rest of the garden for branches, vines and even long leaves. It takes a LOT of garden debris to create a fort.

Autumn Fall Backyard Cubby Teepee Willow House Tutorial

It became apparent quite quickly that the dewy, damp grass underfoot did not make a comfortable floor. Luckily, the whole thing held together quite nicely so we simply shifted it onto a rug, in a more sheltered spot.

Autumn Fall Tutorial Leaves Child Backyard

Fun hidey-hole, secret play space, picnic venue.

Autumn Fort Picnic Playhouse Twig Branch Tutorial

When you come and visit, please be sure to park your bike outside.

Autumn Fort Fall Cubby Teepee Tutorial Child House Home Made

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