A Week for Positive Thinking

During a low moment the other day, not long after we abandoned our smoking car and walked home, I made a mental list of all the rotten things that have happened around here lately. It felt like a long list.

Positive Thinking Feeling Lucky Magnolia Grandiflora Flowers Hobart Botanical Gardens

In addition to the terminal vehicle, we have had a skin-crawling saga with a resident rodent and a smash-and-grab in which our house was burgled of all the little, valuable gadgets. Most notable amongst the stolen items were my DSLR camera and an antique iphone containing all my music and phone-numbers (with technology so obsolete that my best option to back it up was a pen and paper). On top of all this have been other life stresses that when piled up, can really get you down.

Then I noticed the date: August 4, the 100th anniversary of the beginning of The Great War. It was an opportunity to put things into perspective. Yes, it’s an extreme example of Positive Thinking but I still think it’s worthwhile to consider the larger picture when things seem too much. So the family car broke down! Well, at least we’re not embroiled World War 1.

I’m really not being flippant about the horrors of WW1. All those soldiers who suffered and perished purportedly did so to keep us safe and preserve our way of life, so I think it’s quite correct to think of them — and the folks who held it together back at home — and to fiercely, gratefully, embrace our fortunate lifestyles.

Positive Thinking Magnolia Flowers Winter

Or to put it another way: it is a reminder to keep looking for the positive in our own situation, because it could be worse. And really we’re very lucky.

At least the car died half way between our house and our trusted mechanic, and not in the bush at night or up a mountain; both of which were recently possible. And at least there was only one rodent, it seems, now dispatched. And at least my camera was plugged into the computer when it was pinched, so I can still share these photos that I have taken with it.

The story of these photos is: only during the cold depths of winter can we enjoy the magnificent, luminous blooms of the Magnolia.

That’s Positive Thinking!

NB: Many years ago I undertook a four week, free course in Positive Thinking at the Brahma Kumaris centre in Fitzroy. I was mourning the loss of a family member at the time and not only did it help me get through that, but I think it improved my life. I can recommend it for anyone whose thinking needs a switch and no, it’s not religious.

Positive Thinking Feeling Lucky Magnolia Flowers Tasmania Winter


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