Magic is Free

We made our own magic wands using materials from around the house and it was very satisfying.

Magic Wand Toys Children Craft Natural Sticks Paint

I drew star outlines, using cookie cutters as the template, on plain cardboard (it was the backing from a notebook).

Magic Homemade Toys Child Art Create Confetti Watercolor Paint

The kids painted the card with watercolour, then when it was dry they added some oil pastel scribbles.

Magic Toy Make Star Wand Natural Free Craft Children

Sprinkling confetti is like hitting a saucepan with a spoon: parents loathe it and kids adore it.

Magic Wand Toy Star Cardboard Craft Kids Art

The stars are a bit wonky, but if we wanted perfect we might have chosen plastic ones from the shop.

Magic Wand Toy Kids Create Art Natural Washi Tape Spots

Finally: some spotty washi tape, reinforced by a spot of glue, to hold the star to the sticks that we had we collected at the park.

Sim Sala Bim!

Magic Craft Wand Make Free Play Art Craft

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