Let’s Have a Conversation About Menstruation

It might seem like an odd theme for an international “awareness day”, especially since it’s also a topic that many people would rather not think about. But May 28th was indeed Menstrual Hygiene Day, and while I’m a few days late to the party I think it’s worth taking some notice.

Menstruation is too often couched in euphemisms or hidden altogether (although it has featured on the Australian political stage recently as activists rally to have a tax on tampons removed). For many girls and women, the issue is much more important than “should I go horse riding” or “watch me play tennis without a care”.

For many girls and women around the world, it’s a question of education or livelihood. Sanitary products are not always available (or sanitary), places to change the products– such as toilets– are not featured in all schools and workplaces, and many cultures have taboos around the subject. Here’s a great infographic with statistics and information about the issues.

If you’re motivated by this conversation and you’d like to take action, I recommend the organisation called “Days for Girls“, which is trying to make it possible for all girls and women to have access to suitable sanitary products by 2022. (I love how specific that goal is). 

You can help by spreading the word or donating money to awesome organisations like Days for Girls. Or perhaps if you’re handy you could sew some feminine hygiene kits for women who don’t have access to tampons, let alone ones that will absorb an entire glass of blue ink.


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