About Me

A journey of a thousand miles begins at home. **


Welcome to Many Cha Cha, it’s great to have you here. Let me pour you some tea.

Many Cha Cha is about lots of little things: postcards from far away journeys, souvenirs of imaginary safaris, colours and flavours from my home… inspired by the marvellous wide world.

My name is Michelle, and here you’ll find my collection of writings and images showing how we “Travel At Home”. My goal is to maintain the rusty machinery of my brain after having twins, and to regain a regular creative practice. My family and I recently moved back to Victoria after a two-year stint in Tasmania, Australia.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading Many Cha Cha, and I encourage you to leave comments and feedback.

Thanks for stopping by!

X Michelle

** Yes, I’ve mucked around with the original quote by Lao-tzu… it’s about cultivating a traveller’s attitude at home and every day (until the next trip!)


14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Michelle, I have been enjoying reading your blog on your T change. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I am hoping to move my little, yet extended, family to Tassie in the (hopefully) not too distant future from Melbourne. Would you have any tips on how to make the move?

    • Hi lozrobnoah, Thanks for reading and thanks for your question! I’d definitely say give yourself plenty of time if you can (we did it all in six weeks due to a new job and it was really tricky). The best piece of advice I was given is that when you are sending your belongings on a ship, you need to be concerned with volume, not weight. So start with getting rid of as much as you can, then put everything that’s left *inside* everything else if you can (eg stuff your washing machine with cushions and clothes). And in terms of finding a house in Tasmania, we found that real estate agents were kind and helpful (crazy talk, I know) and it made a huge difference to build relationships with them before we came on our frantic, overnight house-hunting trip. Best of luck with any future moves and with your own blog!

      • Thanks so much for your response Michelle! Crossing fingers we can one day make our T change dream a reality! 🙂 Best wishes to you & your family.

  2. Namaste…thank you so much for visiting and following my blog 🙂 I really appreciate it. I have just got back from a trip to Tassie and did a few posts on your wonderful home. I look forward to following your fun blog…

    • Thanks for your lovely comment! My pleasure and thank you for reciprocating. Will check out your posts on Tas, I’m still exploring myself. Namaste

  3. Thanks for posting the photos of the Jewish Cemetery. I’d like to use one of the photographs. This was a project of mine and all the “stars” represent remains moved from the Harrington Street Jewish Burial Ground and re-interred within the sandstone walls.

    • Hello, thanks for reading the post and looking at the photos. It’s a beautiful place, it has been done so well and very respectfully, so congratulations on your project. I’d be happy for you to use whichever photos you like, thank you for asking. Warm Regards, Michelle

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