A Week’s Worth of Random Facts About Many Cha Cha

Inspiring Many Cha Cha Rust Vintage Book Collage

Many Cha Cha reveals a lot about me, despite the fact that I’ve always intended to keep a low profile here. Many of my interests, preferences and day to day experiences shape the content, obviously. So it’s a challenge to come up with seven new things about myself as required by the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. 

(Check out this post, if you missed it, to see a list of blogs that I find very inspiring).

Inspiring Sneakers Twins Toddler Feet Legs Beach

Monday: I guess I dress like my kids lately. It’s hard to tell who is copying whom.

Inspiring Crochet Woollen Hat Sailor Whale Wooden Toys

Tuesday: I like fluffy wool, I swear it’s not prickly. (No, I can’t really crochet but I’ve been trying).

Inspiring Bunny Fish Travel Notes China

Wednesday: My handwriting is shocking.

Inspiring Salvaged Antique Wood Green Fence Post Barbed Wire

Thursday: Most of my best stuff is salvaged. Many would call it junk.

Inspiring Many Cha Cha Rust Map Art Collage

Friday: I’m a book vandal.

Inspiring Sandalwood Extract Dita Glasses Wooden Comb Window Sill

Saturday: I often push imaginary glasses onto the bridge of my nose (when I’m not wearing mine, that is).

Inspiring Elephant

Sunday: I’m so pale I made an elephant squint.

Inspiring Many Cha Cha Rust Map Collage Detail